Feeling Like Spring

This morning I woke up to frost on the ground and the cold of a normal wintery day in January except one thing. That one thing was the feeling I had the feeling of being new and of blossoming into this new and better me. I had the most amazing experience last week when I originally signed up and committed to going to a two day workshop on Quantum Leadership I really had no idea what so ever what I was getting into it just felt like something I should attend. Dane Sanders was the teacher and the idea of a trip to California in the dead of winter may have been the draw but figured why not. When I got the pre reading material I thought oh boy what did I sign up for. It talked about a lot of personal assessment and willingness to see change and to make change, all things to be honest I may not have been open to at different points in my life. Well I was on the plane and reading it so I had to make the best of it and at first I grumbled at the amount of reading and the delivery time of the material but now looking back I am so glad it was the way that it was. Had i had more time I may have chicken out on what turned out to be the most AMAZING 2 DAYS of my life.

Quantum Leadership for me did just what it promised it caused a quantum shift in my reality. My perception of the world as I see it in such an amazing way that now just one week later from getting on the plane and starting that reading I feel amazing as if my world is new as if I am new and thought it may be winter out side I feel like spring on the inside. Those around me say that I sound happier that I inspire them. That for me is a very good thing and just makes me feel that much better about where I am at and wanting to spread the joy I feel even further.

If you ever hear of or have the chance to attend a Quantum Leadership class whether or not it is taught by Dane Sanders or not don’t stop and think about it just jump. You will be amazed if you do at what you learn about your self.

Happy Day to all and may the world shine around you so that you may see it as you may not have seen it before.


More good stuff from the Wedding Salon

I don’t know if it is being female or just what it is about the dresses but I absolutely love the dresses for weddings. As being one of the most important days of a girls life the care that goes in to picking just the right dress should be taken even if you don’t think your what some refer to as a girlie girl you need to enjoy getting your wedding dress and please don’t settle. I once had a bride put her dress on for the wedding day and say to the room at large “my god I look like a linebacker” these are not the feelings you should have about how you look on your special day. Picking out a wedding dress can be a very exhausting experience being that there are many styles and shapes to select from as you will see below just a few examples that were at the show. I urge you and it will sound funny but do not settle on the dress till it talks to you and says “YES I am the ONE” you will be over joyed then to wear that gown on your special day. I have had the pleasure of seeing this many times and the joy a bride has on her face because she knows she looks and feels beautiful is breath taken to photograph.

Some Brides say that the dress was or is the corner stone to the wedding I dont know about that but I suppose it could be true.

The details on the gowns can be romantic or fun depending on your taste.

Todays bride has so many choices to choose from that you are sure to find that perfect dress for your own body style but be open to stepping out of the box your dress might be not what your expecting and maybe a surprise to you. Remember it is your day and you should get what you want on your day it is as my old friend Cary Shapiro would say the one day you can be truly selfish and have just the way you want it after all it is your and your fiances wedding and no one else’s we are all there to just share in your joy of this wonderful portion of your life.

Wedding Salon Chicago

Truffle Truffle

I would like everyone to take a moment and stop and just inhale the lovely smells of chocolate that are coming your way via this lovely creation that Dustin has put together, oh wait you can’t there is no smells attached to images as of yet but oh if you could you would be in for a very yummy treat.

Wedding Salon Chicago

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Wedding Salon Chicago Show it was one of the most amazing events I have ever participated in Tatiana Byron really has a spectacular vision on how a bridal show should go. I highly encourage those planning a wedding or event to attend you will be pleasantly surprised and come away with wonderful ideas.

I my self was amazed by the different event companies and what they put together for the show one that I will showcase here today is The Heffernan Morgan Design Company http://www.HMdesigns.com I had the pleasure of meeting Erin McDonald and his design team and this was the outcome of there creative thinking.

They also set up a table arrangement slightly different then the standard round which many times certain locations would work better with a rectangle design.

I will be posting more images from this show as the show photographer it was awesome because we got to meet a lot of great services and are able to post about them here so that those of you that missed some of the vendors may be able to find them.

Christa and David

I had such an amazing time with Christa and David and their bridal party. Here are just a few more amazing images from this wedding.

The locations we choose to use were really open to to having some fun with the whole day in being creative.

What better way to end the day then with a wonderful sunset

and a fun get away car! Oh to be young and in love a great time in ones life.

Chris and Jenni tie the knot at Kiana Lodge

Jenny and Chris were two of the neatest people I have had the pleasure of working with.
I enjoyed trying to incorporate there passion for the Sounders Soccer team in to there wedding. We started with their engagement session.

At the wedding they wanted an image show casing there sports Soccer for him and rowing for her.

Chris and Jenni were a lot of fun to work with Kiana has this huge drift log that if the bride is willing makes a beautiful spot to make some dramatic images

As well as the water edge to work with it has some amazingly tall trees to shade the location providing yet again a wonderful backdrop.

This image reminds me of where’s Walldo it is one of those images that would look amazing big.

There is just something about black and white imagery.

I have been working on editing this wedding from the 14th and there are so many wonderful images in it to start with but the ones I have chosen to make black and white just seem to have a bit of something else. It could be the fact that I felt that they conveyed a bit more emotion then the color ones.

Being a cat person myself this little kittie was very cute the way he would hover around his owner as she was getting ready.

Black and white is just classic and timeless. I don’t think there will ever be a time where a black and white image won’t be appreciated.